Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Aloette Cosmetics Summer Bogo Sale! Buy1 Get One of the same for 50% off!

BOGO-50 on Everything

SUMMER BOGO starts NOW!  And this time it's on everything!
Buy 1 get another of the same with 50% off!

BOGO SALE... Buy 1 get 1 of the same for half price*

* Aloepure, Platinum, Aloeclear, Body & Foot Care, Makeup
* Must be the same product - may choose a different colour
* Call 416-268-2965 or shop online Website: www.aloette.com/carolallen
* Email aloette@carrebizness.com
* View our brochure - everything is on BOGO-50!   Online Catalogue link here

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