Sunday, July 17, 2016

Aloette Cosmetics NEW Products! The Guardian Environmental Protection Serum, Lighten Up Under Eye Brightener, Face Paint Lip & Cheek Tints, Conceal Away Duo & ReNew By Aloette Citrus and Ginger Spa Products

At Aloette Cosmetics, we love bringing you NEW products for summer... The Guardian Environmental protection serum, Face Paints lip & cheek tint, Lighten - Up eye primer and firming base.

Because we're all about that BASE: Check out how to create the perfect eye base using our new Lighten Up Under Eye Brightener!

Introducing new "THE GUARDIAN" environmental protection serum!

Fashion meets Farm to Jar™ with Beauty by Aloette's Face Paint Lip & Cheek Tints!

Botanical skincare ingredients Jojoba Esthers, Vitamin E and essential oils work to soften, heal and nourish the skin while providing long-lasting, dewy color to the cheeks and lips with each stroke. Painting your face never felt so good!

'Pink A Boo' & 'Blooming Berry.'

For a beautifully natural look with a dewy glow use Tuscan Sunset Face Paint. This shade is perfect for a beach party or some time to sizzle at the pool

Citrus and Ginger Spa products that refresh and detoxify... ReNew by Aloette


Everyone needs a bit of a recharge in the morning. That's why the Re/New by Aloette collection starts with this clarifying body cleanser. Re/Charge removes skin impurities and toxins to leave skin energized, hydrated and totally revived. It also works as a moisture barrier to prevent skin from drying out, so you will stay charged all day long. 3 fl oz/90 ml


Dry, rough skin needs to Re/Juvenate! This power-packed body exfoliator from the Re/New by Aloette collection utilizes strong exfoliation powers and ginger root extract to penetrate deep into the skin, clearing away dead skin cells and skin impurities. The result? Smoother, softer, more subtle skin! 3 fl oz/90 ml


When the body needs revival, it needs this body lotion from the Re/New by Aloette collection. Re/Vive uses Farm to Jar™ ingredients including aloe vera, ginger root extract and fast-acting detoxifying ingredients to provide a moisture barrier to the skin and keep dry skin at bay. When you're looking for a lotion that de-stresses the mind, body and soul, look no further with Re/Vive. 3 fl oz/90 ml


At nighttime, it's time to Re/Lax. These aromatherapy bath salts from the Re/New by Aloette collection contain powerful detoxifying ingredients that eliminate toxins from the body. Its subtle citrus-ginger scent works to calm the mind for a more peaceful evening. 20 fl oz/ 567g


Your soles could use some love. The Re/Wind Overnight Foot Treatment is a unique Farm to Jar™ treatment that hydrates the soles overnight for a better tomorrow. Using the power of Turkish Myrtle Oil, this treatment promotes cellular turnover to energize the soles, smooth out skin texture and reduce the appearance of calluses. When you Re/Wind the stresses of the day in your sleep, you can wake up the next day for a better tomorrow! 2 fl oz/60 ml


Using a unique, light-diffusing, silicone-based formula, Aloette's Conceal-Away Duo is the perfect quick fix for unsightly dark circles, wrinkles and skin imperfections. Enriched with vitamins E and A to help protect and hydrate the skin, the two shades of this lightweight concealer can be blended for appropriate color and coverage. Use the lighter shade to offset dark circles and the darker color to conceal blemishes, fine lines and facial imperfections. 0.12 oz/3.4 g

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Aloette Cosmetics Summer Bogo Sale! Buy1 Get One of the same for 50% off!

BOGO-50 on Everything

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